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An illustration of  baby scaled to bubs birth size 1:1 scale
(No photo needed)

Can’t find an appropriate image of your gorgeous bub?
No problem! We have five designs that you can choose from.

Each print will be scaled to the height of your little one.

The print features your baby’s name, date of birth, time of birth, length and weight, along with a baby illustration at 1:1 scale – matching the size of your bub.

The piece is 50cm x 70cm, making it the perfect addition to any living room, hallway or nursery.


Choose Illustration *

Please choose what illustration you would like from the image gallery.

Birth Details

Your baby’s birth details will be printed in the following format:


Extra Info

Sibling print

Have you previously ordered a print with the Aniky logo on it?
If so, would you like this print to have the same Aniky logo, so they match?
(If not the print will come with the new Breeahn logo)

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How do you work out the 1:1 measurement?
As the designs all have bent legs, I created an arcuate scaling measurement system.
Please remember, however, that every child is proportioned differently.
While some illustrations may not be 100% accurate, they will be close.

– To improve accuracy levels, you might like to provide a ‘reference photo’ of your newborn with straight leg (clothed or unclothed is fine here).

Why do all the designs have bent legs?
We like to make the images as realistic as possible and babies naturally position themselves with their legs bent.

How long will it take for my print to arrive?

– Australia: 2-4 weeks

– Rest of the world: 2-5 weeks

If you require your print urgently, email us before placing your order at
If you forget, just make sure you contact us as soon as possible after you’ve made your purchase.

Is the frame included?
Your Precious Little Print comes unframed so you frame it to suit your own style. You can purchase 50 x 70 cm frames from your local frame store, most $2 shops and IKEA.

Who will create the illustrations?
All illustrations are created by our designer Breeahn Muller, the creator of Aniky.

Can I return my print?
As Precious Little Print is custom made and one of a kind, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or offer refunds.

I’ve made a text mistake in my order, can you change it?
Make contact with us within 2 hours of placing your order and we can fix the mistake for you. E-mail your changes to