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Hello, you beautiful soul, I’m Breeahn the creator of this conscious living inspired lifestyle brand from Melbourne.

My world is beautiful, surrounded by mess, love, cheeky giggles and sailing adventures.

My focus is on our inner smile, the one that warms our hearts, calms our souls and lifts the corners of our beautiful lips.

I weave thoughtful detail into every aspect of my brand. With words that ignite the soul and uniquely beautiful products, I hope to inspire you in this magical life of yours.

I’m so glad you are here, do stay a while.



I believe:

in slowing down and being present
in pausing and taking a moment to just breath
in practicing kindness
in speaking to your loves as if they are the most incredible people on earth, because that what they are
in smiling, laughing, singing and dancing freely
in putting the phone down and connecting with your special people
in teaching children young and through adventures
in creating and enjoying magical moments
in the greatness of positive thoughts
in giving freely, giving love and kindness
in creating all things with meaning and purpose



Breeahn xox

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