The Conscious 5 – Baby

The Conscious 5 – Baby

The Conscious 5 – Baby

Through this series of The Conscious 5. We are going to look at different areas in life where we can be more present, for 5 minutes a day. This weeks area is connecting with your baby. If you don’t have a baby this can be adapted to your older kids or partner.
Like me, your life is busy, sometimes overwhelmingly so. Since having my second baby I realized that connection with loved ones can be lost. It’s my goal to bring this connection back. I have been taking 5 minutes to cuddle my baby and really connect with him. This has become one of my favourite time of day. The calming effect it has on both of us is magical. That feeling of love is something that I don’t want you to miss out on. I just had to share. I am by no means an expert, just a mum who has found a way to be conscious and connect with the people I love.

Take five minutes today to connect with bubs and be conscious of your feelings


The moment can’t be forced, I would suggest trying when your baby is sleepy. After a nap is a perfect time for us.

If you have a racing mind or are distracted, think about these areas:
– Their smell
– The weight of their body pressed into yours
– Tiny toes and how their hand wraps around one of your fingers.
– How they look deeply into your eyes
– How there is no better place than in your arms
– Feel their love and trust in you
– Smile at them, kiss them
– Whisper that you love them
– Sing their favourite song
– Gently dance around the room

Do what feels right to you, where you feel the most connected and happiest.
When your moment has come to an end, pause and close your eyes. Take a snapshot of how wonderful it feels.

Record these feelings/images in your head. These snapshot feelings can be great to come back to during the harder times of #mumlife. These little humans are so precious and it’s easy to lose connection with them. Let’s be conscious and reconnect together. #theconscious5

 I would love you to share your finding and thoughts with me on Instagram #theconscious5, DM or email.
With love,

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