The story behind the rebrand Aniky – Breeahn

The story behind the rebrand Aniky – Breeahn

Breeahn [bree-aahn]
Hello gorgeous souls, this is the story of why I decided to change my brand name to Breeahn (that’s my name!)

It’s simple really, I have changed and having children has changed me. My beliefs have grown, my goals shifted and my view of life has been altered. I now think about things a little deeper. I have started to discovered myself and what is truly important in my life.

I believe in creating my best self, through the way I think, the food I eat, the way I move my body and how I complete my daily activities.

And for that reason, the name change is essential. It symbolises where I would like to take my life and business. It is something that will be always growing and changing along with me.

Over the past year, I have been educating myself on ways to live my best life and create the best life for my family. I have looked into the foods I eat, how much sleep I get, what products I use, manifestation, positive thinking and so much more. It truly has been life changing and a massive growth period for me.

Through my growth, I have discovered what I call my ‘inner smile’ that one that warms my heart, calms my soul and makes me feel so happy and grounded. This is now my passion and I would love to share my discoveries with you.

I hope my words ignite your soul and my uniquely beautiful products act as general reminder to be present and focus on that ‘inner smile’. My goal is to inspire you in this magical life of yours. I would love for you to join me on this journey and together we can create the most incredible life imaginable.



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