First steps to recording those Precious Little Moments

First steps to recording those Precious Little Moments

Firstly, I’d like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family. By now you are probably just about to POP or you’re holding a new bundle of joy in your arms!!!

Precious Little Moments is designed for the busy modern Mum, so you’ll find it a quick and easy baby book to fill in. I know all too well how exciting and tiring this time of your life is, and all your plans to fill in a memory book daily are probably going out the window right about now! Stick with me, and I’ll do my best to walk you through how to make filling the book out easy, and best of all a fun experience.

Guess what? If you’re still waiting for your little bub, you can already fill in a few pages.

While your sitting back googling ideas on how to make your baby come sooner, grab something yum to eat, open up the book and start to familiarise yourself with the events and milestones that you’ll soon be proudly watching your baby complete.

Some pages you can get started with straight away include:

  • My family p 6-7
  • In Mum’s tummy p 8-9
  • Family tree p 10-11
  • If you know your baby’s sex, you may even sneakily fill in p 20 My name.
    (Precious Little Moments will keep your secret).


TIP: Try and fill in the events while they are fresh in your mind, because if you experience baby brain like I did in the early months, you’ll find the weeks start to blend together, and that all important milestone like rolling over will soon be replaced by the next achievement .

Once your beautiful bub arrives…

Start with page 14. This could even be something that your partner fills in. He could take a photo of this page and send it along with your bubs introduction text.

In the first week of your baby’s life you could fill out pages:

  • My first day p 12-13
  • Hometime p 16
  • Messages and card p 18
  • My name p 20 (if you didn’t secretly do it earlier)
  • Hand and foot stamp p 23
  • Bathtime (first half) p 24


TIP: Once a month, during your morning coffee, set aside five minutes to fill in any missing information. I like to do it on the 8th of each month because that’s when my baby, North, was born and I find it an easy way to remember.

Then it will be time for the fun stuff like Holidays, Christmas and My First’s!!!

Don’t forget to fill in the My Development section page p 32-35. This will be a useful tool in the future for your next baby, friends or families. There are sections for every two months.

  • Naming ceremony p 21
  • Funny expressions p 22
  • Bathtime (second half) p 24
  • Bedtime p 26
  • Foodtime p 28
  • First time I p 30
  • My Favourite p 31
  • My Development p 32
  • First Holiday p 36
  • First Christmas p 38
  • Frist Birthday p 40
  • Never forget p 42
  • Hopes and dreams p 43


TIP: I think it is easier to do all the photos in one go. Set them aside, so they are ready when you are. Don’t forget to back up your precious photos, you definitely don’t want to lose them).

I would love to see the gorgeous pages that you complete, post them on facbook or Instagram and share them with me by tagging  #aniky and #preciouslittlemoments,

Good luck!!


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